5 Home Cooling Tips

Cover WindowsSummer can be tough for families who find their house not close to cool enough even if the air-conditioner system runs on full blast. To make matters worse, using the AC on top levels will certainly have its effects on your energy bill. Thankfully, there are ways to help cool your home down.

Because of climate change, we can experience weather conditions in extremes. It gets super cold during the winter and extra-hot during the summer. But no matter the weather outside, you can have a more comfortable home with these cooling tips:

1. Cover the Windows:

Windows let in 30% of heat. Covering the windows with blinds and curtains can help keep the house cool. You may feel a little dark inside with blinds and curtains closed, but the home will be cool at least. Do you know blackout curtains can help save you 7% on the utility bill and keep your home cooler?

2. Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans and bathroom fans are designed to throw out hot air of the room outside. While going outside don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fans and bathroom fan. This way your house will remain cool when you return home.

3. Cook Smartly:

Your kitchen contributes significantly to the temperature of your house. When it is already hot inside, avoid cooking meals on open utensils. If possible, use the grill to prepare meals and save energy.

4. Strategically Open Windows:

Strategically open windows for a good flow of air. Open a window located at the top of the house that opens to the sun. Open another window at the opposite side of the house. This will create a crossway flow of the air.

5. Invest in Insulation:

Investing in insulation can help maintain your house temperature in the long run. There are various types of insulators for homes. You can choose the right one by contacting a professional dealer.

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