Best Way to Insulate an Attic

insulate atticA cold draft coming from the upstairs could be a sign of air leakage that might also be causing hindrance in keeping the house warm. Insulating the attic is also a way to seal the air leakage. Overall, you can get more energy savings and a more comfortable home with a well-insulated attic.

Here is a short guide that will teach you the best way to insulate the attic.

1. Learn more about the type of insulation: There are many times of insulation available in the market with blow-in insulation and blanket insulation being the most suitable for insulating the attic. The blow-in insulation is made up of cellulose that can be spread across the area to prevent air leak. The blanket insulation comes in different sizes and can be cut and trimmed as per requirement. They both serve as great insulator given they are installed properly.

2. Repair any attic damage: The attic is often the most overlooked area of the house. Repair any damaged areas like the roof, holes made by rodents or other critters, and in case the attic is infested by insects, rats, bats, and more. It is better to resolve this issue now to prevent future damage to the insulation.

3. Clean off the dust: As you are about to air seal the attic, clean off any dirt. Once the installation of insulation is completed your attic will remain dirt-free for as long as the insulator stays.

4. Call the Professionals: You might be excited to install the insulation by yourself; the way to have the attic insulated is asking the professionals to do it. They, of course, will charge you but you will never regret hiring them.

Hiring a professional for attic insulation is the best thing you can do for your home.

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