Installing Roof Insulation

Roof InsulationInsulating the roof of your house can keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It can also help reduce utility bills and, of course, increase the overall comfort in your home. Follow the guide below for easy installation of roof insulation.

1. Contact an Electrician: Before beginning to install roof insulation contact an electrician to check the condition of the wire. If you own an older house, get the pipes checked for any leakage.

2. Residential Insulation Guide: States and lawmakers have set specific guideline for residential insulation. Go through the guidelines before starting a roof insulation project. Secure permits when necessary.

3. Turn Off the Power: As you will be working close to the wires, turn off the power while installing roof insulation for the sake of your safety. If you’re working with a licensed insulation contractor, they might not require turning off the power anymore as they already know how to go about working with wires all around them.

4. Safety Gear: Depending on the insulation material you will be installing, safety gear is necessary. For instance, gloves, a face mask and proper clothing are important when using spray foam insulation.

5. Measure Up: Measure the total area required to be insulated. Calculate the area between the joists in your roof as well.

6. Clear Old Insulation: In case the roof was previously insulated, remove the old insulation prior to insulating the roof again.

7. Clear the Roof: Clear the roof of any dust, insects, and cobwebs.

8. Insulate the Roof: Now you are ready to insulate the roof. Start from the farthest corner. Make sure the power is turned off as you insulate the roof.

Roof insulation can be a long and tedious project that can take hours of effort. It is also very risky because without proper experience, you may get injured during the process or you may also damage your roof’s structure. When possible, reach out to your local insulation contractor for assistance.

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