Insulation Inspection

Insulation InspectionHave you inspected your home’s insulation lately? When your home is under-insulated, it feels less comfortable. It seems like it’s colder even when you have the heater on or warmer even when the AC’s turned on – these, of course, depend on the actual climate or weather in your area. Insulation inspection is necessary to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your home’s insulation.

Ideally, inspection should be done by a qualified insulation contractor. They can help you accurately determine whether the insulation in your home works perfectly or whether there are parts that have to be replaced already. This is usually done through a touch test or thermal imaging. With thermal imaging, fluctuations in temperature in some areas of your home can be determined.

When your home is under-insulated, not only will your surroundings feel less comfortable especially during the cold winter season or on hot summer days. You will also be faced with larger energy bills since your AC and the heater will have to work twice or even thrice as much. If you’re putting off insulation inspection because you’re trying to save money in case insulation replacement is necessary, you might actually be spending more. With proper insulation, expect much lower energy bills.

If you find out that your home is under-insulated, schedule to have new insulation installed right away. If budget is an issue, speak with your insulation contractor about your options. There are plenty of insulation types to choose from and in case you find one that’s perfect for your property but expensive, ask about payment or financing options. With the right type of insulation, you’re getting an investment that pays for itself over time. Eventually, you’ll save up that amount you spend for the service with reduced energy bills.

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