No Attic? Insulation for Your Home May Still Be Essential

Residential Spray Foam InsulationResidential insulation is most commonly placed in attics. However, not all homes feature attics. Especially if you live in a bungalow, your home may not necessarily be equipped with an attic upstairs. If this is the case, you may think that insulation is no longer possible.

There are many benefits associated with installing insulation for your home. If your home feels too warm in the summer, then you would most likely turn the air-conditioner up high. Same goes during the winter when it feels too cold indoors, you may have to turn up your home’s heating system. This would result to not only discomfort, but also heftier energy bills.

Insulation helps because it helps keep the temperature constant and controlled inside your home. It seals in the air inside, which means you don’t have to turn your AC or heater to higher levels.

As mentioned, attics are most commonly insulated in houses, primarily because it is closer to the roof where it’s hottest or coldest during extreme weather conditions. So if you don’t have an attic, do you still need to insulate your home? Can you still have insulation installed elsewhere? The answer is absolutely, yes.

There are numerous homes without attics but still have insulation features. Other areas in your home where you can place insulation include the following:

  • Duct Systems
  • Exterior Walls
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Garages and Other Storage Systems
  • Basement
  • Crawlspaces
  • Walls and Other Areas Made of Concrete Slabs

However, when placing insulation in any part of your home, it is very important to reach out to experts to get assistance. Improper placement of insulation may result to ineffectiveness, waste of materials, effort and money. While getting installers may seem like an extra cost to you at first, you would surely be thankful after you’ve seen and felt the benefits insulation in your home can bring.

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