What is Injected Foam Insulation?

injected foam insulationInjected foam insulation is a type of insulation in which the enclosed cavity is sealed, for instance, air leaks in the existing walls. This type of insulation is entirely worth it, for it doesn’t lose its shape, sag, and compress over time. The injection foam fills the gap without requiring a complete overhaul of the property.

The injection foam insulation works just like any other insulator. It blocks the air leak ensuring optimum utilization of air conditioners and heaters while preventing overuse of electricity otherwise. A room or house with air escapes or hole consumes more power than required as cool and warm air is leaked through the gaps in between the doors, windows, existing walls, attic and more.

The injection foam insulation usually uses a three-part resin injection foam insulation designed to insulate enclosed gaps or air leaks. As the resin mixes with a foaming agent and water, it transforms into RetroFoam insulation. The solution looks just like shaving cream in its consistency. When injected, the foam fills the gaps while making its way between wires and pipes when injected into existing walls. The injection foam creates an air barrier that helps to prevent drafts and energy loss through existing exterior walls.

Such type of energy saving insulation is perfectly suitable for enclosed gaps or air leaks. Many prefer using injection insulation, for it doesn’t require any refurbishment or tearing down of walls. It can be used in concrete walls to fill the gaps. It also does not require removing prior insulation, if any. The injection foam insulation can be done at any time and is, in fact, a cost-effective way of insulating the house.

If you ever plan to have your house insulated with injected foam, it is highly advisable to contact a professional as he/she will be in a better position to evaluate and suggest the right type of insulation.