Energy Saving Insulation

Insulation SavingsInsulation helps save on energy by restricting the transfer of heat from walls, attic, and roof. In a well-insulated house, warm air does not escape outside so it is best in keeping the house warm in winter and cool air is also restricted to pass outside in summer. The energy-saving property of insulators has urged many families to have their house insulated and save on electricity costs. Insulation saves energy by:

1. Sealing air leaks: Walls with cracks may provide an escape to warm and cool air pushing the ACs to work on high power mode. The insulator can provide a seal to the crack to prevent the warm air from escaping the walls.

2. Attic and Duct: Attic and duct are two areas that are often overlooked. Though they are the least used area of the house, they also provide an escape to warm air. Insulating attic and duct can ensure the house stays warm for a longer duration.

3. Reflective Insulation: Although most insulators prevent air leak, the reflective insulator prevents the heat from entering the house. The reflective insulators can also help reduce power bills. However, they have proven to be really helpful in keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Insulation works magnificently in preventing warm or cool air from escaping the house. This aids in lowering the power consumption and thus house owners are relieved from paying hefty electricity bills. The insulators, however, works well only when there are no leaks and the insulators are installed properly.

More tips on insulation can be found in this video:

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